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nuclear power


Should the U.S. More Tightly Control Nuclear Fuel It Makes?

Some say the U.S. government should reexamine its legal obligations under the law and add safety rules to the agreements countries sign when they buy U.S. fuel or reactors.
ScienceInsider, 29 March 2011

Why is nuclear safety always shrouded in secrecy?

CBC Radio1

The Japanese Government was quickly accused of hiding the full extent of the danger at the Fukushima nuclear facility. Why is nuclear safety always shrouded in secrecy?
CBC Radio, The Current, March 22, 2011

Will Candu Do?

While Ottawa continues to push the sale of candus to old customers like Romania, it is being shut out of major markets just as the industry is expanding internationally. Losing access to the US market was a major blow, but things took a turn for the worse when officials in China, where the two Canadian-financed candus recently went into service, said current plans require simpler US-style reactors to be built in the future. The Chinese decision followed one made by South Korea, which had bought four candus in the 1980s and ’90s before it also decided to go with American reactors. With the doors slammed shut in most of the world’s markets, Candu is now fighting to hold on to Ontario.
The Walrus, September 2006

The king of Kincardine: Nuclear power

Duncan Hawthorne's ambitious plan to turn Ontario into a nuclear power — with private financing.
Canadian Business Online, October 9, 2006

Nuclear war: energy

Candu reactors may face some stiff competition in Ontario's energy market.
Canadian Business Online, March 27, 2006

No Can Do?

Six decades and tens of billions of dollars later, it’s make or break time for the Canadian nuclear program.
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, January 2006

The Ultimate High Ground

The U.S. is weaponizing space. Canada is firmly opposed ... but not necessarily.
The Walrus, June 2004

Is the West Rearming Russia?

Ottawa and the G-8 might be financing a new nuclear storehouse.

Canada shares more of the Arctic Ocean with Russia than with any other country, so it appears sensible to make it a top priority to help Russia dismantle the seventy ancient nuclear submarines now rusting near Murmansk and Archangelsk, with reactors and plutonium-laden spent fuel on board. But the Russian navy is building a new nuclear submarine fleet. In Washington, where suspicion of the former Cold War enemy still runs deep in conservative political circles, awareness that the Russian navy can afford to maintain and build new nuclear-capable submarines and surface ships keeps a sharp brake on financial assistance for efforts to clean up retired ships, regardless of the temptation they present to terrorists, or the risk they pose to the environment. The worry is that American aid for Russian submarine cleanup efforts liberates Russian government funds for the construction of new submarines that could one day be used against the U.S.
The Walrus, October 2003

Minatom: The Grab for Trash

U.S-origin spent nuclear fuel – otherwise known as nuclear waste – has been piling up around the world waiting for a country willing to take it. Russian nuclear agency MINATOM wants it.
The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, October 2002

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